Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Eve 2015

Yesterday we finally said goodbye to 2015. Unfortunately we are not celebrating an amazing year; although I often contradict myself, because we have done our BEST with Logan. He made the healing process better, along with family and friends. 
New Years Eve Day was just how I would have written it. It was all about spending time with my little family, and creating new memories. Of course there were lots of sparkles and pink to make it better. Logan even wore pink glasses, and said, "mama I see pink everything for NeNe." Shane and I woke up to watch the ball drop, kissed each other and LoLo at midnight, and waved goodbye to 2015. Right before we went to bed again "shut up and dance with me" came on as a performance. Logan heard the song, woke up and said, "that's my ne-ne song" and fell back to sleep. That made both our nights. 
Even though we didn't have a wild and crazy NYE, I really spent the most important time with my little family. It wasn't easy, but each day we make new memories. Each day there is a constant reminder of our little girl, and that's ok. As we head into 2016 I am going to start to spread the sparkle more, and continue to cherish the little moments. Life is not easy, but we will do our best to sparkle on! 

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