Thursday, October 6, 2016

Moving the blog

Hello Fellow Sparklers,

I'm going to be moving my blog temporarily to word press. I'll have the same name pink1sparkles, but instead of blog spot it will be!!!

Thanks for all your support over the last year and a half!

Sparkle On


Taking a picture

I often have been known to use the hashtag "take a picture" very often since Sydney has passed away.  Time is way to prescious, as I've learned over the last year and a half. Since Maddox has arrived I continue to document, and take a picture pretty much daily. Some might think it's a lot to always have your phone on you, but I often find it so important to capture that moment. I personally can't get back Sydney, but have all those beautiful pictures, and videos that I captured over time. Lesson learned, I'll be taking as many or even more with Maddox and Logan. It's pretty funny, because Logan has learned to love the camera, and will often request a picture. It's important for me to create these memories, and capture the moments that make me happy. I'll continue to snap the camera, and post a picture whenever I can, because life can change at any moment.