Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Pink Umbrella

Most of the time I don't like when it's raining. It just brings me down, makes me feel yucky, and gets me in a not so good mood. I try really hard on these rainy days to stay as positive as I can as I really don't like being in a "funk" for the day. 
As we left the Easton Children's Museum yesterday I was a little "frazzled" because it was now downpouring, and Logan was ready to go...lunch and naptime were very soon. I took a deep breath and walked outside with Logan and Bailey. All Logan wanted to do was hold my "pink umbrella"..."mama...Ne-Ne pink." As the rain was pouring down on me how could I really say "No". I gave him the umbrella and of course got a picture in the rain, and walked to the car soaked, while Logan was so happy jumping in puddles, and holding that "pink umbrella".
Don't get me wrong I wasn't too happy being soaked, and was already annoyed it was still raining; however, I made the best of the situation. I paused and looked at how "happy" Logan looked, and that made me happy. Yes, most of the time a rainy day gets me down, but for this moment I was happy. The pink umbrella made me smile, as we were reminded of the sparkle, and how she is everywhere we go. 


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