Saturday, August 29, 2015

My little family

Week one of back to work...check! Wow I can honestly say it wasn't easy, but I made it through. I had so much support from friends and family that really helped me, and will continue to help me every step of the way. 
Unfortunately this process we call "grieving" doesn't just stop it's something that sticks with us forever. Each day I shine brighter, and each day I put my heart out there, and when the day is over I come home to my little family. Yes things are definitely different then last year, and I'm missing that little piece of my heart; however, in that moment I have to remember that this is my new life. I know Sydney is watching over us each day, and with every step that Logan takes I know she is with him. He lights up my world, and with every hug and "I love you mama" he really helps!
At the end of the day all that matters is the memories that are being made, the love that's given, and the time spent with your family. This is my little family and this is my real life. Things are going to take time, and each day isn't easy; however all I can do is continue to love, be strong, and sparkle on!!

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