Thursday, August 27, 2015

5 years later and the love still grows

Your wedding day is probably one of the biggest moments of your life. The day you say, "I do" and make a promise to be that persons soulmate forever. When Shane and I got married 5 years ago today we never really new what our life would be like. We always invisioned a family, a beautiful home, and memories that we would create. 
Fast forward 5 years later, and Shane and I can honestly say that we've been through the worst year of our life. This is not where we invisioned ourselves; yes we had it all, a beautiful home, family, and memories that we created, and in a flash life was stopped on March 19th. 
All I can say is that throughout the hardest times we've managed to stay together, lean on each other, and be each other's rock when needed. No one ever can predict what is going to happen. Life is unpredictable as we know; however, one thing is for sure is that we will get through this! We will be strong for each other, and strong for Logan. 
As we celebrate 5 years today the only thing I can predict is that we will celebrate 5 more years and so on and so on!! We will create more memories together, and continue to spread that sparkle! 
Happy Anniversary Shane! There's no one else I rather be on this crazy journey we call "our life"! From now on we're on only going up! Love you 

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