Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My time to shine

Yesterday was a much better day! I focused on what I like to do best, and that is to "sparkle" and "shine". I thought to myself today that I might have too much sparkle going on in my office, but then I stepped back and said, "I can never have too much sparkle." From the "sparkle on" bulletin board, sparkles the fish, and the sparkle sign that hangs over my desk I think I'm ready!!
Whether I'm sparkling or shining I think I'll do great. I got a good sense of hope when I was creating my shine bulletin board. A sense of ease that I'll be ok. Yes I am expected to have bad days, but I'll be alright. The last two days have definitely been a rollercoaster of emotions, but now it's time to meet the kids. I'm ready for a challenge, ready to find a balance, and ready to shine. This is my year to really bring back Mrs. Craven better than ever. I'm excited to be spreading the sparkle and letting myself shine through. Here's to shining bright each day, and taking it day by day. I know Sydneys watching over me, and will help me do my best to make it an amazing school year. 

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