Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pink, sparkles, tutus, and a 5k

Pink...check, tutus...check, sparkles...check, go-pro...check, amazing people running...check, and lots of laughs and smiles to support our baby girl...check!!!
Yesterday was absolutely perfect in every way. It was the inflatable 5k in Cape Cod that we decided to run in honor of Sydney and her memorial fund. First, I can't thank everyone enough who came out and helped, supported, donated, and ran yesterday's races. It was just amazing to see everyone in there pink, sparkles, and tutus to support our baby girl. 
It's not often that you even get guys in tutus, but I can say that Shane, Logan, and some of our guy friends wore them proudly. Logan actually wore his "real guys wear pink" shirt and tutu proudly for his sister. He even said, "pink and tutus for my Ne-Ne"
As we all lined up at the start line I couldn't help but get a little nervous, am I really going to be jumping over inflatables , and running a 5k! You bet I was, and people would be with me every step of the way. 
We met lots of people yesterday who are interested in supporting the sparkle in the years to come. We even got a special shout out from the DJ who was a huge fan of the tutus, and sparkles!
We all knew Sydney was there with us smiling, and probably laughing down at all of us. As we were ready to take off "best day of my life" came on. This is one of Logans favorite songs he listens too along with a video of him in Ne-Ne! This was definitely a sign she was there. 
The rain held off and we all made it to the finish line together. It might have not been the most graceful 5k, but we all survived with bumps, scrapes, and lots of sparkle to take with us. 
All the pictures and videos that were taken definitely show how amazing the day really was. As I write this blog this am I can't help but laugh, because I'm sore, and to be honest I don't mind it at all. I just laugh and smile, because it was all worth it. 
This is the first of many things were going to do for Sydney. I can not wait to see her own "tutu run" next year, and all the support, and sparkles that will be there. 
Again, yesterday was just perfect! My heart was happy, and the sparkle was there. Here's to a lot more sparkles, tutus, and pink in the future. We are spreading the sparkle one day at a time. Sparkle on baby girl!  

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