Sunday, August 30, 2015

A perfect date

Yesterday couldn't have been more perfect, as Shane and I got to have "date day" together to celebrate our anniversary. As we smiled and took a picture with Logan before he left with auntie Krissy and Uncle Stephen- I knew it was going to be a good day! 
Somedays I just have to let go of the pain that is hidden inside, and focus on the positive- what is making me happy in the moment.
Yesterday it was about Shane and I. It was about how far we've come, and how strong we continue to be together, and for each other. There were moments throughout our day that made me stop, and think about "Sydney", because that always happens. It's hard to not have a day that she's not on my mind. From the pink sparkly shoes I saw in the stores, to the winnings at the casino I knew she was there. 
Yesterday when we were eating dinner we didn't really focus on the negative. We focused on the now, and present of each other. The food was amazing, and the fun we had at the black jack table was great too. I put $50.00 down on one hand, grabbed my pink bow, and then closed my lost...I won!! Thanks Syd.
Nothing will ever change the pain that's inside, and nothing will ever make it go away; however, it was worth a try to make us both "be happy". Life isn't fair, and what we're going through isn't easy; however, I know that Shane and I are strong. We are stronger than ever, and will be ok. We will always remember the sparkle, and focus on the now, and future. Here's to many more days when we live in the moment, make the most out of every day, and can be happy.


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