Saturday, August 8, 2015

"Mama...I'm so Happy"

This has definitely been a busy busy summer, but I wouldnt have it any other way! This weekend we are spending time up in Maine with family friends that have pretty much known me since I was 2 years old. 
It's often hard at times to take these mini trips, but I really try my hardest to enjoy the moments, capture the memories, and  to make sure Logan has a great time. My heart fills up and feels happy when I see all the joy and excitement that he is having. 
Of course once being in Point Sebago I had Sydney on my mind, and yes found myself talking about her a lot, but that's just me. Even though she's not here I feel proud to talk about her, the sparkle that shines, the twin bond, and the legacy in the making.
Yesterday Logan had a blast. This kids laugh and smile was infectious. He was enjoying life, and I was watching it unfold.  Logan loved to drive the golf cart with Erika, splashing in the water area, playing arcade games, eating icecream, playing baseball with the older kids, and ride on the boat- and that's only in one day.
The real moment that caught me by surprise was when we were on the boat yesterday afternoon. Logan was smiling and laughing as his cheeks were bouncing up and down. He looked right at me and said, "mama I'm so Happy". I asked him what he said again, and he repeated, "I'm happy mama". That just melted my heart, and all the pain that was hidden inside yesterday had slowly drifted away.
It makes me so happy to see how much fun Logan was having. Yes I wish Sydney was there, but she found her way: the pink penguin in arcade, the two sets of twins we saw at the beach, the little girl who was wearing a "sparkle shirt", or even that one star that wouldn't stop "twinkling" as I sat by the fire and looked up to the sky.
One day down a whole lot of memories to be made. The camera is feeling up, but so is my heart. I can't wait to see what else this weekend brings, and couldn't thank the Penny's enough for making this a great weekend, and Logan so happy. If Logans "happy" I'm "happy" and that's often the best medicine to help the broken heart. 

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