Friday, August 7, 2015

Do the best you can and dance

There are times when I see a video or picture of Sydney and it just stops me right in my tracks. She was just so amazing, spunky, full of joy, and loved to dance. 
The memories that I have will always stay with me forever, and will always be difficult at times as I remember her little feet tapping, or that laugh that was infectious. 
I received another quote yesterday from someone, and this quote made my heart heavy. There are times lately where I just feel sad, and my heart aches, but I keep moving. I know Sydney would want more than anything for me to be happy, spread that sparkle, and shine. Whenever Sydney would hear music she would just stop, and let loose. She would always stop what she was doing, shake her little booty, clap her hands, and enjoy life at the moment. 
Thank you to the Sydney Sparkler who sent this to me. The days are not easy lately, and I often feel sad; however, I'm doing the best I can. You will always be on my mind Sydney forever and always. I hope you dancing in your tutu, twirling around, tapping your piggy toes, and that big bow is flopping as you sparkle. We miss you. 

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