Monday, August 17, 2015

Sparkling through the clouds

I believe that Sydney shows signs everywhere. Some are suttle for only her mommy to see, and others are bigger that people can all see and recognize.
Since the last few days have been pretty tough emotionally I hoped that the "sparkle" would come through. 
I know that Sydney watches over us everyday, and is dancing around in her tutu smiling up in the sky. Since Sydney has passed away I've often been more aware of the clouds, and the sky above. Logan blows kisses to the sky as he knows his "Ne-Ne" is watching over him.
As we were stopped at a traffic light yesterday I took a second to look up at the clouds. I told Shane to look quick as I grabbed my phone to take a picture. I saw a "heart" in the clouds as the sun shined through the sky. Some people might have not seen what I did; however, I knew it was there and I believed. 
I always believe, and that's often what helps when the days are tough, and I'm feeling down. Sparkle on Sydney Sparkle on!!!

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