Sunday, April 24, 2016

Oh yeah...I'm pregnant

Finding out I was pregnant again was very special for my little family. We've been through so much since Sydney has passed that good news is just what we needed. The reason I'm talking about "being pregnant", in this blog today is that I often forget. I mean I know there is little Maddox in my belly; but, the fact that I'm growing a baby in my belly while grieving is a difficult and exhausting process. It's been hard to wrap my head around everything lately. We are so blessed, but in the long run I can't forget about Sydney. I thought I'd be alright, but there are moments when I just get sad. Very natural I know. These feelings are geared towards a grieving mother who has to deal with a heavy weight on her heart each day. I know baby Maddox will be loved unconditionally from us, our friends and family. It's not easy but this mama is taking it one day at time. We are so excited to meet the little one in September, and share all the memories of his big sister Sydney with him forever. 

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