Monday, January 25, 2016

Winter Memories

Lately a lot of my blogs have been about the winter, and all the fun we had with Sydney and Logan. It's so hard to go through all the pictures as we head into February. The pictures will run out and timehop will start displaying the new pictures and new memories that we have made in the past year without Sydney here. I know she will always be with us, but I feel it getting harder and harder as I scroll towards the end. From more winter fun, selfie pictures, to the last picture we took the day before she passed; they are all hard to look at. I know as soon as spring begins her anniversary will be here. She passed away on the 19th, the day before spring, and a really special friend's birthday.
I probably sound like I'm rambling on in this blog, but I want all my thoughts out there. Yesterday wasn't that bad of a day, it's just tiring. It's often exhausting to have this weight on my heart each day as we try to figure out how we progress towards her anniversary. We just miss her so much!!!

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