Friday, January 15, 2016

Stay focused and Sparkle from the heart

Yesterday was our first "tutu run/sparklefest volunteer meeting" to kick off sponsorships for The Sydney Craven Memorial Fund. Her big run will be June 18, 2016, but last night was the initial meeting to talk with volunteers. 
This was a big deal for me. I was going to standup in front of people, and talk to them about everything Syd, myself, her fund, and the run/sparklefest combined.
Just like usual I was a little nervous, but you probably couldn't tell. Whenever I talk about the SPARKLE, it just comes natural. Sydney would want me to spread the sparkle, and continue to do what I'm doing- shining on.
I think it's easy to talk about Sydney because it comes from the heart. Even though Sydney is not here physically with me, I know she's all around me. 
Boy was she proud of me last night. 
We're actually going to be able to pull this off with so much love and support from people around us. 
Sydney Craven Memorial Fund is just the perfect way to keep Sydney's legacy alive. Her sparkle will live on through other children, and will carry on forever. 
Last night my sparkle wasn't dull. It was shining bright for others to see and 
hear. Her sparkle will live on, and I'll do all I can to keep on promoting what means so much- Sparkling On!


  1. Sorry I couldn't make it, but count me in--for sure!

  2. Hope Krissy signed me up as a volunteer. I am in Florida and could not be there.

  3. I couldn't make it last night but I'd love to help as well!! <3 I'm sure you did an amazing job!!