Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dance with me mama

Logan: "Mama please play Ne-Ne's song"
Me: "Ok, but we've played it a bunch of times 
Logan: "Yay Ne-Ne's song"..."dance with me mama"
If my almost 3 year old wants to run up and down the hallway singing "shut up and dance with me" in honor of his sister, then I let him. Everytime the song comes on he yells, "Ne-Ne's song". My feet might be killing me, but it's so worth trucking around the house with Logan, dancing, and singing a song in honor of our baby girl, and Logan's twin. Logan loves it as he always giggles down the hallway, and it often makes me less sad to see how happy he is. There is something about dancing with Logan that makes me think of Sydney, and feel better. Sydney loved to dance. 
There are a lot of things that make us think of Sydney. Here's another one. When the songs is on the radio remember to turn it up, belt it out, dance, and always remember the sparkle.

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