Wednesday, September 30, 2015

No regrets

Yesterday I had a chance to reflect back on the night Sydney passed away and what I was doing that night. I was in a discussion about giving your all at work, giving your all at home, and how sometimes you need to separate yourself from work. What I mean by this is: doing your day job, and then coming home to start a new job as a "mom" and "wife".
The night Sydney passed away I don't regret anything or believe I did anything wrong. We played like usual, and I did my "motherly duties", but then took a few minutes to focus on some work things that I never finished. Do I regret not spending every minute with Sydney before she went to bed? No, but I often reflect back as a lesson learned.
I've learned that life is too short. I've learned to leave work at work, I've learned to give my all as a mommy to Logan, and that you can't do everything. You can only do your best. 
At the end of the day I look forward to that little man who loves me very much. No job is better than the job as a mother. I know that I gave my all to Sydney and still do to Logan. I enjoy the little things, and focus more on the small moments. Life is not easy and this journey is tough. I wish Sydney was here at the end of the day, but knows she's here in spirit. Today I remember the sparkle, hug Logan a little tighter, and live life with no regrets.

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