Sunday, September 27, 2015

Memories from a photoshoot

As many people know; I'm a picture finatic. I want lots of pictures to capture all the moments that go on. I always wanted to take so many pictures of Sydney and Logan, and of course family pictures. A year ago we took our last family photo together. The twins were 18months. 
Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine being in this situation one year later. As Logan turns 2.5 today I can't help but reflect back and feel so sad, Those last pictures that were taken by Maggie Jill Photography now hold such a different meaning. 
Boy do I miss her, and wish more than anything that my baby girl was smiling again in her blue polka dot dress w her red bow and shoes. 
This week won't be easy as many days are not. I miss her and wish we were taking another family photo with the 4 of us again. Moving forward I will always continue to take pictures and create those memories. For now I will reflect back and remember the sparkle and twinbond that ended way to soon. 

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