Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Close my eyes and think of you

Last year I bought Sydney and Logan a Disney cd for the car that played there favorite Disney Junior songs. I stopped playing it for awhile after Sydney passed but recently started playing it again, because Logan asked for Mickey. 
On the way to Sydneys area yesterday with Logan I caught myself singing to one of the Doc McStuffins songs on the cd. I paused for a second to listen to actually what Doc was saying. As I pulled into Sydneys area I smiled, because this is what I heard: 
"When The One That You Love Feels So Far Away...No Matter What, It Will Be Okay. All I Have To Do, When I'm Feeling Blue...Close My Eyes And Picture You!"- Picture You Doc McStuffins
Who knew a Doc McStuffins song could mean so much and bring me to tears. Everytime I close my eyes I get a glimpse of what's not there. Everytime I see a picture of her my heart aches a lot . I hope even though Sydneys far away she knows I'm thinking of her all the time. I will alway miss my baby girl, and that will never change as the heart aches on. 

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