Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A bow that means so much to me

There's nothing that makes my heart happier than seeing little girls wear a "Sydney bow". There are days that are so tough, and just looking at the pictures makes me feel better. The pain will always be there that I won't get to place a perfect bow in Sydneys hair anymore, and stings more than anything that I don't get to play "dress-up" with my little girl; however, knowing that Sydneys legacy lives on in others makes it easier. 
Logan even wanted to get in the action of wearing a bow. He picked up one of my hair bows and said, "mama I wear Sydneys bow". He is one proud kid to sport the sparkle, and pink for his sister Ne-Ne. 
Thank you everyone who takes a picture and shares a bow with me. It might not seem like a lot but it really is. It shows that the sparkle and Sydneys legacy will live on. We will keep the bows coming, and keep her sparkle alive.
                *a new Sydney Bow*

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