Thursday, July 30, 2015

Canobie Lake Park

Yesterday was hard very hard. I've actually been counting down the days until Canobie Lake would be here, and prepping myself for how I would be. I didn't think it would be that bad, because Shane would be there with me; however, Shane unfortunately had to work. Every year Shanes work puts on a picnic and all families are invited to Canobie Lake. Sounds like fun except last year we brought both Sydney and Logan, and we were there as a family of "four".
I knew it was going to be hard right from the beginning of the day when "time hop" over flowed with pictures, and memories that were made last year. 
How was I going to feel now that Logan was gojng to be there and wouldn't have his sister with him. I took a deep breath and off I went. I was so lucky to have Auntie Lindsey and her family, Auntie D and Uncle D there- that definitely made the day easier. 
Once we got in the park it wasn't so bad. My little man made my heart feel so much better. He absolutely LOVED everything he could go on. This kid had no fear, and a laugh that traveled right around the park. I laughed with Logan as we climbed through the maze at the waterpark, and slid down the water slides together- I even sent him by himself down a little one; however he wasn't happy with me at the end. "Mama you push me" are you ok Logan "Ya I'm ok".
I couldn't help but think about Syd at that moment. She did love the water; however if I probably would have sent her down alone she would have gave me that "diva look" - the mom are you serious look?
Like anyday I'm always looking for the sapekle and it can appear at anytime. As we were waiting in line for the kid rollercoaster( don't let it fool you it's fast) Linds had said to Logan to watch his shoe as he was put his foot in a space that he prob wouldn't get it back if he lost it. I went to put Logans shoe back on, and looked in the whole. There she was "Abby Cadabie" from Sesame Street. A small figurine was standing straight up. I looked at it and smiled. I showed Lindsey and she said, "yup she's here " 
Throughout the park there were many other "pink items"- the pink chair I had to sit in, the mouse with a pink bow that o had to pose with, the pink stuffed animal Logan had won with his uncle- she was everywhere. 
The only part of the day that made my heart ache was when we went back to the kiddie area we spent most of the time with at last year. As Logan rode a few rides alone I got sad- I just could picture Sydney there, and her ringing the bell with Logan as he rung it "alone" this time. 
I was so lucky that Zoe (Lindsey's daughter) wanted to go on a few things with Logan. She was "little mother hen" 
As the day ended and the memories were made I was proud of myself- I made it through another toughday. Today I was able to see the "sparkle" and enjoy the new memories with Logan and friends that are family. I actually can't wait until the next time we go as a family, because I want Shane to see how much Logan enjoys himself. Here's to another fun filled summer day with laughter that fills the air, and new memories being made.

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