Thursday, March 10, 2016

The News is Out

The news is out and boy does it feel good. Obviously I've known for awhile, but when you're such an open person it's hard to hide something that is so important to you. One of the most exciting things that I can't wait to start is writing a new blog. After I finish my 365 Days of Sparkle, I will start a new blog that focuses on being pregnant after losing a child. No one prepares you for losing a child, and no one prepares you for the rollercoaster of emotions once you  become pregnant. I have so many highs and lows all the time. Not only will my first blog help others, but this second blog will help someone going through something similar like me. Like I said before, I am an open book, and can't wait to share more about this experience. As we come up to the 19th next week the pain is just as strong. Even with good news my heart still aches. I'd do anything to have her here, and experience this with her brother, mommy, and daddy. As much as it hurts I know she will be with us. She might not be here physically, but will make sure her "sparkle" does shine down! 

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