Thursday, November 19, 2015

No matter how long it always hurts

I don't know if anyone caught my little mistake yesterday morning when I was posting my blog...for some reason I thought Syd was gone for 9 months, but it's only been 8 months. Either way 8 or 9 it all hurts the same. 
I have to be honest I laughed a little bit when I finally realized. It was a quick fix on the computer, but not a quick fix in life.
No matter how long it's going to be its always going to hurt, and always going to sting so bad. As we head into the holidays I can't even begin to tell you how I'm going to feel. I can't even imagine Turkey Day without her next week, or Christmas and Hannukah in December. No way around's going to stink! She should be here with us.
One thing is for sure is that each day I still miss her, and each day there seems to be that struggle within. 8 months later we still remember the sparkle, and always will as the months and years go on.

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