Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It's ok to be real

When I think I can't go anymore, when social media gets the best of me, when all the girly stuff brings tears to my eyes, and when the feeling inside is to much to handle I remember one thing... Keep going, because I'm "inspiring" others. 
This is a life changing tradegy that forever will impact me, as I remember and keep spreading that sparkle. I've learned to have my days, be honest with others, cry out loud, and just openly admit that it sure does stink.
To be honest I want to have my little girl back. I want to play dress up again with tutus and bows, and enjoy all the little girl things a momma enjoys if she had a little girl.
In the end all I can be is honest. I need to keep shining, and be as real as ever. I wish Sydney was here still, and that the sparkle was never taken away from us. 

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