Friday, November 27, 2015

A visit to Ne-Ne's area

"Mama I want Snow White Pez for Ne-Ne's area". Logans been a little obsessed lately with Pez; not quite sure where he got the obsession, but he loves it. As the months go on Logan has become more vocal, and is turning into a little boy. 
Each day we continue to see Ne-Ne's area, and try to keep it as festive as possible. Logan loves to visit his sisters area.
This holiday season is different this year.
Not only do I have to focus on a tree in, my house, Sydneys garden, but also holiday decor for her stone area. I'm not complaining about the decorations, but just the fact that I'm decorating a stone this year. Not what I have planned.
Yesterday Logan was excited to give Ne-Ne her Pez along with all the other decorations that surround her area. 
On the front side of the stone is where most of the momentous are, but on the back there's all Logans stuff he leaves for Ne-Ne. I often wonder if he knows that she's really gone, and isn't coming back. He's such a smart boy that is learning to a adapt with his own little broken heart. Just like his mommy the pain takes time to heal. We will continue to be in routine with Sydneys area, and always find something to make it sparkle.

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