Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stepping into Sydneys Legacy

As many of you already know I am trying to take every measure possible to create a legacy for my sweet baby girl! Life is just not fair and I lie awake every night asking myself, "why"? It just doesn't make sense to me. 
I want the whole world to know about Sydney. I want the world to experience the love and laughter like I did every day, and especially the twin bond. I want to share pink bows with people and have everyone wear a pink bow in rememberance of Syd, or drop an occasional hashtag: pink, tutu, sparkle, or bows. It might not be every day and might slow down over time, but it's my job to spread the word about Sydney, her brother, and our family each day.
First step: write a letter to the Ellen show. Now I know that Ellen loves to dance so I figured it would be a win-win situation if she could read about her legacy. Maybe she won't beable to read it, or won't have time; all I know is I tried and sent a few bows along the way. As I wrote up my letter on hotpink paper, placed it 
in a hotpink envelope, and sprinkled a little sparkle in there I had completed the first step. Sending Sydneys legacy to California.
A few of my best friends tell me to make lists, and that's what I try to do everyday since I want to do so many things. Life lesson I learned last night as I almost gave myself an Anxiety attack is to never try to make a collage of pictures of Syd and Logan alone. The anxiety rose and the tears started to fall as reality had set in. It was so normal before to make a shutterfly book alone, but this time was so different. After scrolling through 300 pics from 18-24m I couldn't wrap my head around why this happened? Why Sydney...she was just perfect in every way. 
I'd like to send a special shoutout to the support system that I have. To the ones that stop what there doing, and help me breathe through it all. Whether it's 9:00am or 2:00am I know I can count on them. Here's to creating a legacy, lasting memories, and thanking all those amazing friends who have turned into family💕💟💕⭐️

🎀💕💟🌟#whatfriendsdo #solucky


  1. So awesome! I hope that Ellen takes the time to read the letter and can share Sydney ' sparkle with the world! It was great to see you and hug you the other day! Let me know when your up for a play date at the park! Xo

  2. Hi Heather--you and I went to grade school together though I'm a couple years younger. I wanted to share my sincerest condolences to you and your family. I moved out to San Francisco a few months ago, so while I'm certainly not Ellen, I wanted you to know that you all, especially Sydney, have been in my thoughts out here on the west coast.