Saturday, April 11, 2015

Never give up

It's hard to wrap my head around the reason "why" Sydney was taken from us so soon. I'm sure there will never be a good enough reason that I can comprehend; however, I believe it's my job to fufil Sydneys Legacy. It's my job to advocate for her, to share the love she had for her brother, to tell people how amazing she was and instil that sparkle in everyone's eyes that she has or has not met. As her mom I grin ear to ear of how beautiful she was inside and out: those cheeks, those lashes, her spunkiness, and that giggle that could light up the room. All that taken away to job to spread the love that she gave us, and her twin brother.
Yesterday was a huge turning point in this tradegy that has hit our family hard. It was the first time that I stood up for Sydney and was able to tell her whole story from start to finish. If you don't know the legistics it's a pretty long story; to sum it up let's just say that the ER experience wasn't the best. I mean the ER isn't my choice of a place Id want to be most nights but it happened.
As I sat at a long table yesterday with support from an amazing family friend and Sydney from above it was my job to advocate for her and other families. I was going to help others and make sure things would never unfold like they did that night again on the 19th.
As I was done speaking for a good 45 minutes(no notes again) I left the room shaking. Not that I was nervous,but my body had a sense of relief. It was releasing the negative toxins that I had bottled up in me from the night of her passing. I was so proud of what I had said and so proud to be Sydneys mother. I know Sydney was watching over me and if Logan was old enough to watch he would be too. I might be outgoing at times or loud, slightly embaressing; however, at that moment I was brave and proud to be a mother.
Today's message is to never give up, always always stand up for what you believe in. Stand tall, and never take "No" for an answer unless you want too. Yesterday was dedicated to the sparkle in the sky and her amazing brother that I love so much. It's about being a mother , and doing what you need to do to make things right. Thanks Syd for looking out for mommy I know there was a hidden sparkle in the room. ⭐️⭐️⭐️🎀#nevergiveup #standup 

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  1. Her sparkle has made us all stronger than we ever could have envisioned.