Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sydney is everywhere

Before my little girl had passed away I would hear stories of how adults, kids, or animals could recognize a spirit of someone that passed away. I have to admit prior to Sydneys passing I would listen to the stories, but would find it at times often hard to believe. 
Since Sydney has passed away there are times lately that I think of all the signs Sydney is showing me that she is alright or in my presence. It could be the pink bow that I see, a tutu, maybe a kid dancing, glitter, piggy tails, or just something that shines (the list definitely could go on longer.)
Since Sydney shared that twin bond with Logan I knew that Logan might be able to see her when I can't. I'm starting to belive that Logan will talk to an Elmo ballon one day or just strike up a conversation with Ne-Ne while I'm in the other room. I have to admit when it happens I might get startled at first but, then will just smile.
Last night Logan didn't see Sydney but Shane and I definitely did. The story that follows might be believable to some, but also a coincidence to others. I'll let you decide...
Last night Shane had turned on Logans little red fire truck that has a remote control. We were sitting in the living room talking with a friend who loved to play with Logan and Sydney. This was probably the first time I had sat down in awhile as Logan sat next to me and played with the iPad while we all talked. Shane asked Logan if he wanted to play with the truck and he said, "no". He put the remote away in the other room and came to sit down. All of a sudden as we started to talk about Sydney the fire truck started to spin around, and go back and forth. I said to Shane come on give me the remote. He got up and showed me that the remote was in the other room. Was this Syd looking to play with our friend since Logan wasn't? Was it Syd trying to get my attention since I'm always running around? I had Shane put the remote again in the other room. Not more than 1 minute later the little red fire truck spun around again and faced Logan and Shane. For a second I got the chills, but it wasn't bad chills it was a sense of comfort. Maybe it was just a glitch in the truck, or could Sydney really been with us? Before I went to bed I turned the fire truck back on, which I had turned off earlier. Maybe it was just a one time coicidence, or maybe she would come again? Either way I wanted her to know that I might be scared at first, but will gain strength over time as I know see is everywhere with me. Sydney will always be mommys little girl and will live on foreverπŸŽ€πŸ’•⭐️πŸ’—πŸ‘ΌπŸš’


  1. What a beautiful story... I believe every word you have written. My little Brandon shows me all the time, he's with us and I think his Twin Payton sees him more often then she says. May you all find peace. Logan will always be connected with her. Many many blessings and Prayers to your family! Bonnie Fitzigbbon

  2. I totally believe.... I am sure she is showing you signs to let you know she is with you and she is ok. It warms my heart that you are able to see or feel her presence... and I think it will be more comforting as time goes by. I am sure Logan will have a special relationship with Syd...... that twin bond is something special <3