Friday, April 3, 2015

Just the beginning

Hard to believe its been two weeks since our sweet baby girl Sydney has passed away and has left her twin brother, mommy, and daddy heartbroken. I thought long and hard about writing a blog about how I was feeling as her mom throughout the grieving process and what other people might think. People who know me know that I often worry about what others think or worry how others feel before myself. It's just my nature to worry about others and try to make everyone happy.
My goal of this blog is to be an extra strength for others who might have been affected by a similar tragedy, to let people know how I'm feeling, and to release my thoughts throughout this emotional roller coaster.
I can't promise that I will blog every day because I'm not sure how I'll feel; however, I can promise that I will get stronger each day. Words can't express the amount of support that we have received from friends, family, and people that we have never met. I know her sparkle and spunkiness will live on each day.
I believe Sydney had a mission that she wanted me to instill in others. It's my job as her mommy  to teach that mission and touch other peoples lives big or small like Sydney did.
Two weeks down a life time to go. Sydney will never be forgotten and she will live on throughout her brother, each butterfly I see, tutu, and pink bow.
Here's to blogging and letting her sparkle shine

Sending lots do sparkles your way


  1. You are amazing! #pinkbows! -Marcia

  2. You Are an amazingly strong woman. I wish you many "sparkling" days to come....
    Love, Nicole

  3. You are a pillar of strength 🎀👼✨💖

  4. Having had 3 close friends lose children, I am amazed at your strength!! You are an inspiration!

  5. #piggiesforSyd Today and always sweet Mama.

  6. Hi Heather - you don't know me but I am an EB resident and I am so sorry for the loss your family has suffered. I was only made aware of your blog today but I will be here, reading and hoping to support you and your family in any way I can.

  7. Thank you for being strong in the hardest time of your life, i ask god why he let things happen, and often pray for him to make all of these a bad dream and that I can wake up from it. But I open my eyes and nothing changed. Ive just found this blog not long ago, and you have given me the strength to be strong. I will be praying for you in hopes that god will ease your pain and treat little Ne-Ne very well in heaven where she is right now. Thank you for being strong and stay strong. My thoughts and prayers be with you.