Saturday, April 18, 2015

Our jobs are amazing

Yesterday I decided to go back and visit my amazing job and colleagues that I work with. If you don't know already I am an elementary guidance counselor at the Woodrow Wilson School. I am so lucky to have an amazing job and work with such amazing people; before Sydneys passing the love I had from my job was amazing, but since her passing words can't even describe the amount of support  that I have received. It's to big to even describe.
I decided to go back to visit yesterday and knew it wouldn't be easy. My heart pounded as I walked through the door. I don't know why I was so nervous, maybe because the last time I was there everything was "normal" and now my whole life has been turned upside down? I also wasn't sure what the kids would say to me. I did my best to waive to some kids, and gave as many hugs as I could as I walked into the building.
It's hard to present myself in a new light as a month before I was probably one of the happiest people in the school who would walk up and down the hallways and make sure to say hi to everyone. It was my job to make people happy, and wave  to them; how this role had turned around so quickly is hard to see.
This was my time to see all my coworkers who I love so very much. It gave me a chance to hug each of them again, and explain a little of what happened that night and how we've all been. They care so much about me, Shane, Syd, and of course Lo-Lo.
The amount of support that I continue to receive is amazing. I can't say it enough. How lucky I am to have a job like this. I have a second family and it's at the Wilson School. 
A tradegy like this hits home very hard to people, but also brings people closer. I know when I'm ready that my co-workers will be there with open arms waiting for me to come back. It's only natural for me to have a pit in my stomach when that day comes, but as people say, "you'll know when your ready".
Today I just wanted to thank everyone again at the Wilson School for all they have done, did yesterday, and still continue to do. I also want to take a second to Thank Shanes job, because we are so lucky so lucky to have such an amazing group of people where he works to help us as much as they have.
Shane and I both have second families and it's nice that we can call them our jobs. How lucky are we to wake up and feel the love from our two professions.
Here's to going back to work sometime and feeling the love at our jobs!

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