Friday, April 10, 2015

Listen to the music

I'm not sure where Sydney got her signature dancing moves from? I know Shane is a good dancer, but I definitely struggle with a little rhythem. Sometimes when you dance you just hear the music and let your body do your thing. At times it may look a little silly but it's all about having fun.
Sydney loved music from every song that was put on the radio to every tutu and dancing shoe she wore. As her mother I couldn't wait to put her in dance class. I dreamed of watching her little booty stick out as she twirled around in a little tutu. I'm not going to lie it did go through my mind that she would be the one that would scream out my name ,"mama look at me" during her first recital. She definitely was her momma as when I was 3 I stood up in the middle of my first recital and said, "mama I have to go potty". As my mother said to me the sense of embaresssment had set in at first, but then she was proud...I was her daughter and anything I did even if it embaressed her at first would make her proud. 
As Logans mom I might cringe at the fact that he might scream outloud, maybe he will yell during his first sports game, or pick his nose in front of a whole croud, who knows... All I know is I'm proud to be his and Sydneys mommy.
Today listen to the music, let your kids be silly, take a pic of that embarrassing moment, and just dance if you need to. At times we just need to let ourselves go. As many people know Sydney never held back. She didn't care who heard her, and would stop what she was doing, and shake her booty to any music she would hear. Stop and listen to the music just dance. 

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