Friday, April 17, 2015

Get your sparkle on

Pink...sparkle...bows...look Shane more pink...I need it all...its Sydney everywhere!
Shane: "How about we spray paint all the walls in the house a pink sparkly color?"
Me: OMG really Shane that would look amazing! There would be pink sparkles everywhere 
Shane: I'm kidding. Settle with the 3 pairs of pink shoes you just bought. Those should be fine for now!!'
I can't help but laugh out loud this am as I write this because everything I see pink now, with a bow, something that glitters, or sparkles I want and need to have. I need to stop at times and ask myself if I really need it, and if not a picture of it might be sufficient enough. That's what Pinterest is for right :)
Today I will get my sparkle on. I will chose my black sparkly shoes or my pink converse like Sydney used to wear. I will try to put a smile on, and let the world see Sydney through my eyes. Each day and everyday moving forward I will see the sparkle. One month down a life time to go to remember my sweet baby girl. Bring on the glitter and the pink, because you can never have enough sparkle in your life.

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  1. I wanted to tell you that yesterday I put my little ones hair in piggies for Sydney! I uploaded the picture into Instagram under #piggiesforsyd I hope it catches on! Every time Charlotte wears piggies i will put te picture up! Love and sparkles always being send your way xo