Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pink Bunny Ears

As I layed Logans Easter Basket out last night I couldn't wait for him to see all the stuff we had got for him from the Easter Bunny. It didnt hit me until I walked away to take a picture of the Easter Basket. There was only 1 basket and it was blue. The pink frilly basket with Sydneys name on it that was personalized from Pottery Barn wasn't there. 
Where was the basket? It was tucked away in her room with personalized things of hers. To be honest the basket is now over flowing with items that mean so much to me of hers ( pink tutu, hotpink glasses, her first romper, and even her first pair of red shoes).
Even though her basket now holds another purpose it isn't where it's supposed to be today. 
Today is our first holiday without our little girl. We are now celebrating Easter as a family of 3...which just doesn't seem imaginable. I'm waiting for her to come down the hallway and start grabbing those bunny ears which she wore all year round. It was part of her dress up collection. 
This morning when Logan opened up his Easter basket it just didn't seem right, until the first thing I put on his ears was the Easter bunny ears. He kept them right on as he opened up all his gifts. It reminded me of Sydney. She was there this morning in spirit.
I know today won't be easy and I know that my heart will feel uneasy; however, it's part of the process. It's ok for my heart to hurt, it's ok for me not to feel well, it's ok for my head to's all part of a broken heart. The solution to a broken heart...time...time will heal, and the memories that we've had made and will continue to remember Sydney will heal.
Today I remember her first purple easter dress and those Pink easter bunny ears. If you see a little girl in an easter bonnet or a fluffy dress think of Syd. Her spirit will live on today as she's hopping around with her pink easter bunny ears on.

Happy Easter Everyone!!!!


  1. Wishing you healing today. Sending hugs from another twin mom, and BSU phi Sig. You are so strong.

  2. Thinking of you, Shane and Logan. Your expression through your writing is amazing heather, another of Sydney's gifts!