Saturday, April 4, 2015

Outpouring Support

I never would have thought that my role as a guidance counselor would come into play with my own personal situations. It's my job to work with childen and the concerns that they have at school and at home. Never would I have imagined that the grieving advice I was giving to a parent and child earlier this year would be something that I would need to accept myself.
As I sat there earlier this year talking to a family I remember saying, "I know I can give you advice, but know I do not understand how you are really feeling. The pain must be unreal."
As I reflect back on that case I think of the word "support". All I was trying to do was support this family. People will express to you their feelings of disbelief and say, "I really can't imagine how you are feeling; however I'm here to support and do anything for you and your family."
The amount of support Shane and I have received over the last few weeks is unimaginable. I know that complete strangers have heard about Sydney and have been touched by her story. Those people might have not been able to meet Sydney but can some how relate to the story, or just feel the need to outreach and assist if they can. I may not know these people firsthand but I can honestly say that their positive support and words gets me by each day. I know that someone is looking at a pink bow, tutu, pigtail, or butterfly and is either connecting it back to Sydneys story, or just looks at these and might not have a connection but knows that these things make themselves happy or puts a smile on their face.
For those of you that have touched us personally over the last few weeks...THANK YOU. There are not enough words to express the gratitude. This house was never empty over the past few weeks and still continues to be busy (which I love).For those of you who spent 24hours here to those of you that sent a card or a message know that the support is appreciated and heartfelt. 
Knew friendships have been made and old friendships have rekindled. Thank you again and remember even though you might not be able to relate the "support " you give can make a difference.


  1. I will think of Sydney, Logan, you, and Shane every day.

    And my pink tutu is ready at a moment's notice.

  2. You are amazing and this blog is inspiring love u guys