Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Let's Paint

I've never been very crafty, but I often give myself an "A" for effort. I always loved to get Sydney and Logan nice and dirty with paint, and have them craft away. From handprints to footprints, we tried it all. A year ago I remember crafting with Sydney and Logan for Valentine's Day, and when they were 10 months doing a love poster that I hang up in February. I thought it would be very appropriate to craft yesterday afternoon with Logan. I was sad that it was just Logan doing it himself, and not with Sydney by his side. Logan loves to paint so much. I bet if Sydney was here she would love it as much as he did. Logan's a bit more independent then he was last year, which is a good and a bad thing. I let him be crafty, but also watched where those hands were going, and of course the paint brush. 
I say it every day, but I miss Sydney. I wish she was painting with us yesterday. I know Logan had fun, but it wasn't the same with just one set of hands. We needed double hands, double feet, and the sparkle to be here. 

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