Monday, February 22, 2016

A few Disney purchases for Sydney

As we finished up our last full day in Magic Kingdom I was on a mission to find something special for Sydney. It was all about what was going to "sparkle" for my little love. 
As I walked by the Christmas store I figured I'd check in there again. I had already been to the store, but didn't find anything. As I was just about to leave the store something caught my eye. A Minnie Mouse with a pink tutu, and of course a sparkly bow. It even had the year on it. This will be perfect for her area, and for her little pink Christmas Tree next year. 
Following our visit from the Magic Kingdom we stopped at Downtown Disney. Shane was on a mission to find "pick a pearl" for Sydney. For those of you that don't know, it's a place where you can pick your own oyster and find a pearl inside. This was very important for Shane to do with Logan for Sydney. Our shell came with one pearl, and will be placed in a simple heart pendant to keep forever. 
Buying stuff for Sydney is often hard, because she is not physically here to receive it. We do it, because it helps us remember, and keep her sparkle alive. I just want Sydney to know how much we think of her daily, and wish so much she was here experiencing everything with us.

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