Monday, February 22, 2016

Back to reality

We are officially back home as our vacation from Disney has come to an end!!! Some people say you need a vacation from your vacation, but we honestly had such an amazing time that it made everything just right. Don't get me wrong I'm a little tired from travel yesterday, and emotionally tired as always, but I'm still going. To be honest, the only thing that has bothered me was the fact that we're back to "our reality". The fact that Sydney isn't here, and we still take it one day at a time. Our trip wasn't complete unless we drove by Sydney's area last night. I missed going to her area very much. We actually took a picture and video of her area so we could feel connected while we were away. I'm not ashamed of that!
It's definitely not easy lately, and still hurts so much. The last few videos and pictures that I have of her is what really gets to me. Even though it will be her one year mark next month, the wound is still very fresh. It was great to get away and enjoy a well deserved vacation, but often hard to get back to the way things were. This is our life and it's difficult, but we're trying to do our best. 

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