Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sparkling all over

I have a vision... that Sydneys sparkle will spread so far and wide. Her legacy and her sparkle will shine so bright for many years to come to others that she didn't even know. We all want the sparkle to shine, and for Sydneys legacy to live on. 
How do we do this...we spread the sparkle...we find others that don't know her story...we shine on. I'm not one to ask for much help, but I know my fellow sparklers are ready to shine. I envision a chain reaction. Find someone new who doesn't know the sparkle, and share it with them. Tell them the story, and keep the sparkle going. Have them like her page and keep it going.
All the support is so amazing that we receive. What helps me get by the toughest days is the SUPPORT and the SPARKLE that is spread. I know there are so many sparklers out there, and I just can't thank you all enough. Here's to taking the sparkle to bigger and better places. It's time to shine on!!!!

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