Monday, October 19, 2015

Everyday I just miss her

Yesterday was a hard day, but you wouldn't know it because I hid it pretty well. I went on with my day at work, but constantly had Sydney on my mind. Two teachers came up to me yesterday morning and brought me just the right amount of sparkle I needed to get by: a sparkle sign and a pink glitter pumpkin. Somehow they must have known I needed that extra sparkle to get me throughout the day.
I powered through and ended my day with lots of snuggles from my Logiebear. He always seems to make me feel better. I really missed her yesterday, and found myself just asking "why", and missing every little detail of her. I watched the clock last night around 8:40pm and blew a kiss to sky. I hope she knew I was thinking of her, and how much her mommy and daddy missed her. As the tears began to fall on my cheeks I wiped them away. I know Sydney is watching over us, and I know she's so proud of me. I just honestly wish she was here. Everyday isn't easy, and we miss her so much!! We do our best, 7months later, and will continue to sparkleon.

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