Monday, October 12, 2015

Remembering Florida and Syd

A year ago we were in Florida visiting my parents ( the twins nana and papa) and my nana Bella ( the twins great nana). I remember having such an amazing time, and especially the reaction that my nana had when she saw the twins. 
My nana Bella has the beginning stages of Alzheimer's, so Shane and I wanted to bring the twins down to see her before her memory would deteriate.
Everytime I would call my nana she would ask me how the twins were. She would always forget their names but would say: the boy and the girl, and would blame her old age for forgetting. 
As the months progressed my nanas memory has slightly decreased after we visited last October. 
When Sydney passed away I didn't even know what to do with myself, and how I was going to tell my nana. I was advised by her doctors to not tell her that Sydney had passed away, because she probably wouldn't be able to take the pain. The worst thing is when I call and talk with her weekly she still asks how the "twins" are, and I have to answer "they are both fine" everytime I talk with her. 
It's a very hard thing to do, but I know that Sydney will meet her great nana again someday. 
All I know is I'm thankful that we went last year to see everyone, because it was the last time my parents and nana had seen Sydney. 
The memories will last forever along with the videos, and pictures that were 
taken. I wish things were different, but unfortunately they are not. 

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