Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Let me tell you about Sydney

It's not often that I meet someone who doesn't really know about Sydney, however when it happens it's like I'm talking about it from the beginning again. Yesterday someone came to visit our school and came down to my office. The first thing she said was, "wow you must love sparkles" and my response was "you don't even know how much". As soon as she came across my desk she noticed the picture of Sydney and said, "oh wow your daughter she's absolutely beautiful she looks just like you". I wasn't going to say anything to her, but decided I should let her know that Sydney had passed away and that's why I have so many sparkles in my room. This woman was speechless and had tears in her eyes as I went on explaining about Sydney. She had so many questions about "why" and "why sparkles". I told her I don't mind talking about Sydney, it just comes natural as I want everyone to remember her. I'd say I composed myself pretty well. As always I wish I didn't have to talk about my daughter who is gone, but also am happy to so people remember. 

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