Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sydney's truck needed a tune up

Last night for about two hours straight Sydney's truck was moving, but this time wasn't fully moving was just making suttle back and forth motions. Was I really getting annoyed with the red truck? What if Sydney just wanted to say, "hello" and make her precense known. Logan would keep moving the truck, because it would slowly inch it's way to the door. Maybe she was trying to escape? 
I asked Shane about changing the batteries, because that will often make the truck move better. He told me to shut the button off. I said to Shane, "no way...never." I went in the other room and replaced the batteries. I waited a few minutes and off the truck went at normal speed. I can't believe I was actually getting a little annoyed. Never again will I do that. It's Sydney's way of coming through and I should expect that. I've learned to accept that life is the way it is, and that I'd do anything to have Sydney back. 

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