Thursday, September 29, 2016

This is our story

It's not often that I get to sit down to watch TV. I'll be honest I'm in bed by 8:30 every night, and my TV selection everyday consists of Disney Junior and Nick Junior. Yesterday I actually found myself having a few minutes of alone time. Both boys were resting, and it was quiet time for this mama. Maddox was resting on his boppy, and the Ne-Ne truck was moving all over. The red truck was in full effect. It's actually been moving crazy lately since Maddox arrived. 
I chose to watch the show "This is us", because everyone's been talking about it. I found myself bawling through the first episode. I'm sorry for the spoiler alert, but one of the families ended up loosing a baby at birth. I know the situation isn't the same since we lost Sydney before her second birthday, but the relevance of loosing a child is the same. As the tears rolled down my face all I could think about was Sydney. I looked at the truck,  and away she moved; back and forth around the room. 
Just like the TV show we all have our own lives. Everyone's life is different. Some people go through life events that will change them forever. This is our life daily. We take a step forward each day, because we have to. We have no choice, but to do our best for Logan and Maddox. I'm not sure why life chose this path for us, and may never know. We do all we can to survive, and put a smile on our face. We try to move past the tradgedy that occurred daily. Although our heart aches daily, Maddox's arrival has made all of our hearts feel a little better. We are doing the best we can one day at a time. This is the path we were chosen, and this is our story. 

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