Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My heart is just happy

I wasn't sure how I was going to feel when Maddox arrived, but truthfully the last two days have been more than I can explain. My heart is just full of happiness, and at this time my fears are put on hold. Maddox is two days old, and has already left a mark that is so special to explain. He's got such a sweet temperament, and looks just like his big brother. I see some similarities of Sydney as she looked liked Logan. I know that she's with him, which puts my heart at ease.
I've also have witnessed the most special bond that will countinue forever for Logan and Maddox. The excitement that Logan has to see his little brother is truelly touching. From talking about his little brother at preschool, to feeding him his bottle yesterday; it's really been a special sight. 
I understand that there will be some rough patches in this journey; however, at this moment I'm going to take the joy that I feel and run with it. Thank you baby Maddox for helping my heart feel so happy. You, your big brother, and your sister light up my world already. 

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